The Road Goes Ever On

This campaign is over.

You can read the Epilogue to see how it ended, or browse the plot list.

You are a Henge, a sort of magical animal, and you were born curious. Everything in life intrigued you, and your earliest memories are of exploring the place that you were born together with your friends.

Maybe you were born in a village, and you lived for the days when a caravan arrived, bringing tales of exotic places. One day you couldn't stand missing out on this grand adventure any more, gathered your courage, and took your place in a caravan off to see the world. While saying goodbye to your friends and family was sad, you were unable to say no to the call to adventure.

Or maybe you were born on the road, your parents belonging in the caravan where you spent your youth, until one day along the road two caravans merged and split, and you said your goodbyes to your friends and family.

Out there on the road, you feel the drive to help the people that you meet. It's the right thing to do, it can lead to interesting and fantastic adventures, and with your special powers you can succeed where others always fail.

While you sometimes feel sad and homesick for the life you left behind, there is joy in knowing that there are always new friends to make in the villages you pass on your way. But eventually the caravan moves on, and you will have to leave these new friends behind as well; after all - The Road Goes Ever On.

This campaign uses the Golden Sky Stories ruleset. Copies will be available at the club, and can be bought in book or .pdf form from http://starlinepublishing.com/our-games/golden-sky-stories/
We are mainly using henge types from the Core book (Golden Sky Stories) and the main supplement (Colors of the Sky). See Character Creation for more detail.

This campaign will run weekly starting in August, and will run until May or June. It is organised by Hexagon Spillklubb.
Character creation will be August 21st, and the first session will be the following week on August 28th.

Hexagon's club campaign
Hexagon is a board gaming and tabletop roleplaying club in Trondheim, Norway. Every year a large campaign with many many players and multiple GM's is run; this year's being, as outlined above, The Road Goes Ever On. Our club campaign is open for all who want to play. We have premade characters, so if you come to a club night you can start playing at once. You don't need to have any previous experience with roleplaying games. These pages have a lot of information about the campaign, but you don't need to read it before playing.

These pages are in English because we have several members who don't speak Norwegian, but if you aren't comfortable playing in English, let the GMs know when you arrive.

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