Nature: NPC
Type: Henge
Race: Sea Monster (octopus)
Home: Sky River

First Encountered: 1.3: "The Creature of the Turquoise Lagoon"

Further meetings:
02.3: "Smells Like Teen Drama"
03.2: "Time to Say Goodbye"
03.3: "Under da Lake"

Description: Enthusiastic, likes people (especially cute ones), big hugger, fairy new to using human form, not good at subtle social cues.

Information: Exiled from his own community in the deep oceans, because the other tentacle creatures thought he was too clingy. Currently staying with Lark, who's trying to teach Anemone about living among humans (f.ex. how to let go when a hug is over), in return for using the power that lets Lark breathe underwater.


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