Nature: Race/type of Henge

Surveying the land below from high in the sky, birds are the most mysterious of henge, and the most distant from humans. Their outlook is a little different even from other henge, and they have their own peculiar way of thinking.

Birds can fly through the air with ease. Furthermore, they can make others fly, and spread rumors on the wind. Despite these abilities, they have many weaknesses. They’re very forgetful, they can’t see at night, they have difficulty walking, and they have more trouble understanding people than most.

When a bird flies through the air, it makes people take notice, even if the bird had no such intention. That is the role of the birds.

Bird Powers

Little Bird 0
Wings 2
Wind Song 4
Gift of Wings 8
Rumors 10
Down Pillow 12
OPTIONAL Cost Drawback
Found It 10 Night Blindness
Flock 14 Eyeball
Trust the Wind 4 Bird Brain
Tranquility 6 Delicate
Listen Up 4 Chatter
Twilight 20 Distant

Known Bird Characters

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