Nature: NPC
Type: Human
Home: Sky River

First Encountered: 05.2 "Trickster Trouble"

Description: Baker, seems to be in his fourties, wears relatively plain baker's gear

Information: Caladium runs a bakery down near the bottom of the arch of Hope Arch, specialising in eggy bread; this is a simple meal where you take a thick slice of bread, butter both sides, cut a circular hole in the middle, start pan frying the bread, and crack an egg directly into the hole. Once the egg is fried enough to have become stuck to the bread, you flip it and fry the the other side. Also, you pan fry the buttery circle. Seasoned with salt and pepper, eaten hot with sauces as you please. He seems a little overworked, as he has no assistants and his bakery doubles as a relatively popular diner. As such, he has late nights and early mornings, and feels he has little time to relax. He does seem to take pleasure in watching the antics of others, however.


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