Our Caravan

You have found a place here, as a helpful Henge moving with a caravan between villages, towns, and perhaps one day even cities. In this world most people travel in caravans together because it is interesting and fun. Others are with the caravan for purely traveling purposes, with a set destination in mind before they leave forever, and the knowledge that travelling in a group towards a destination that might take weeks, months, or even years, makes the travel faster and more pleasant. The life of a traveler is always in flux, with travelers often moving between caravans in order to make get to where they need to be. Caravans often also carry letters between villages, trading these off between caravans so that they get where they need to be.

Our caravan has many traders amongst its ranks, both those dedicated to the life of a trader and those who pick up small items to trade in future villages where those items may be rarer and more desired.

The caravan also boasts a fair few entertainers. Sometimes they put on a collective show. Sometimes they work separately, entertaining people in smaller, more intimate, settings.

The caravan also carries specialists. Both those whose work, while essential, is needed only rarely in a village and so who find it more rewarding to travel the roads, and those who have wide experience in their field, whose focus on the big picture allows them to design large projects that others might balk at.

Finally there are apprentices, out to explore the world and their place within it. These will often stay in a village along the route that they feel at home in, and then a year or so later move on to another place. After a couple of these stays, they will likely find somewhere permanent to settle.

Everyone in the caravan needs to eat, and, while people are generally generous, everyone in the caravan is expected to pull their own weight. Travelers who have no specific trade to ply focus instead on odd jobs, whatever is needed in villages the caravan reaches, and/or assisting other groups within the caravan.

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