Nature: Race/type of Henge

Cats are whimsical, selfish animals. They’re quick to act, With little regard for words or for danger. They can sneak in quietly, read people’s hearts, quickly hide themselves, and so on. They’re talented at acting alone and finding things and thoughts that are hidden.

On the other hand, cats aren’t very good at making friends. They’re poor at forming bonds with people. They tend to pretend not to notice people, unless they’re really in trouble, in which case they’ll help… Such is the role of cats.

Cat Powers

Kitty 0
Fuzzy 4
Peek into Hearts 6
Stealthy Feet 8
Cat Paths 10
Friends 14
OPTIONAL Cost Drawback
Cat Burglar 8 Skittish
Sleeping Soundly 0 Lazy
Feigned Innocence 4 Cat Tongue
Acrobatics 4 Can't Swim
From the Shadows 6 Selfish
Menace 8 Shred

Known Cat Characters

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