Nature: Race/type of Henge

Dogs are the best at getting along with humans. More than any other kind of henge, they think like people.

Dog henge can do all sorts of things. A dog’s special abilities are for protecting people close to them. They can take Someone's place, put a friend at ease, and howl to drive off a stranger, all to protect someone important to them. Of course, for a dog, the most important thing is finding that special person.

A dog’s role is to be a bridge between the other animals and people. Your other friends can’t help but think like animals, so try to help them understand what people think and feel.

Dog Powers

Doggie 0
Sticking Close 4
Petting 6
It's All Right 6
Substitution 8
Howl 10
OPTIONAL Cost Drawback
Home 0 Collar
Perseverance 4 Clumsy
Sorry 8 Honest
I Believe in You 6 Shy
I love everyone 0 Naïve
Go Away! 8 Scary

Known Dog Characters

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