Nature: Race/type of Henge

Though they have many relatives and many different types, the archetypal dragon is a sort of winged lizard that can breathe fire. Dragons are born from eggs. A hatchling may be around the size of a large dog, but over time, they grow into massive adult dragons whose wings can blot out the sun. They are also quite intelligent, but their pride and love of treasure can lead them astray at times. Dragons can be noble or selfish, but even the nicest dragon is likely to have a hard time parting with any treasure.

The dragon family tree has many different branches, and includes both dragons proper in a rainbow of colors and any number of related draconic species. The different colors typically have different breath weapons, including fire, mist, lightning, and more exotic things. Most of the other related species are smaller offshoots of dragonkind, though even the dragonborn (who are the size of people) tend to have quite dragon-like personalities.

Example subtypes: Chromatic & Metallic dragons, Drakes, Hydra, Sea serpents, Wyverns, Lung dragons, Dragonborn.


When dragons take human form, it’s a little different from your typical henge (just as for bird and fish henge).

+0 Human, but with the wings and tail of
a dragon, plus ear fins and/or horns.
+2 Human, but with the tail of a dragon.
+4 Completely human

Dragon Powers

Presence 0
Wings 2
Clear Sight 4
Breath 4
Glare 10
Dragon Roar 20
OPTIONAL Cost Drawback
Hoard 6 Greedy
Chameleon 4 Lazy
Old Friend 6 Old
Composure 4 Pride
Present 8 Underground
Great Wyrm 20 Violent

Known Dragon Characters

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