Nature: Race/type of Henge

Fish are remote from life on the land, but fascinated by it. They want, more than anything, to make new friends with land-dwellers, both to learn about life in the air and to share their mysterious underwater world with them.

Fish Henge can move between two worlds: the underwater world that they come from and the human world that they long to explore. They can also help their friends move back and forth between these worlds. They are beautiful and happy and more than a little bit strange.

A fish’s role is to show people the magic and wonder in the world all around them.

Fish Powers

Gills 0
Fish Out of Water 2
Mermaid's Kiss 6/2
Quiet Watcher 6
Relaxing 8
Curiosity 10
OPTIONAL Cost Drawback
Fish Needs a Bicycle 2 Fishbowl
Innocent Beauty 0 Coat of Scales
Wish 30 Desired
Underwater World 8 Isolation
School 8 Goldfish Memory
Beautiful Song 10 Mute

Known Fish Characters

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