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(As Glimmer recounting to anyone who thinks to ask)1

"It was a nice morning when we set out to solve the Shrine. I believe it was Sapphire who had caught word the people of Hope Arch had begun to feel the strain of insufficient wet clouds for their population. Anyway, we had been told to "Find the Phoenix"." Glimmer absentmindedly strokes a shining rock-like thing

"As Chert had disappeared into the breadbox earlier in the morning, Sapphire and I set out together with Horse Richard, towards the pillars. Turns out - chert was there already, he's got quite the knack for showing up when something is about to unfold… and a pleasantly impulsive mind as well!" The dragon turns the shiny object over, holding it up towards the sky, then spends a solid minute admiring the light play with the sequins in their poncho.

"Ah, yes, as I was saying, chert 'booped' the obelisk, which had these weird symbols on it. And then the symbol started glowing! There were four sides, with three symbols on each, all different. Turns out, we could make them glow, or stop, by touching them, though no more than one symbol per side could glow at once. Nothing much was happening from just pressing the one obelisk though, so we decided to investigate the 17 other ones. Letting Richard lead the wagon, we went through the obelisks, drawing up a bird-shape, until it was juuuuuust right, and then the sky came down. He's a HUGE bird, and he gave me this thing. It's a star." Glimmer proceeds to try out various placements of the star within their hoard, working to get the reflection right. Upon further prodding for details, they will quickly list off the following:

"When two of the same symbol between two obelisks were glowing, a glowing line formed between them. With some fiddling we managed to make something that looked like a phoenix from above. Icould tell you exactly how we did it, but according to Hope 'the obelisks move' so it seems clear the solution will not be the exact same. Like all shrines I know of, I suppose."

The Hope Arch Shrine by SigurdGSigurdG, 13 Oct 2019 19:30

Sure, it's possible. I used to include it whenever I made a wiki for my own sagas. Never seemed like people used it much, so I didn't push for it on this one, since I had other issues I prioritized higher when it came to attempting to get things enacted.

But since you make the request, thus it is done: Missing Pages (check also the "Site" tab on the top-bar menu).

Would it be possible to make a page listing pages people have linked to but which do not exist? I think all that is needed to do so is creating a page with some explanatory text followed by: [[module WantedPages]]. If such a page is made, it would also be neat to connect it to the navigation menu, for example under Admin.

The reason this is a forum post is that I am (understandably) not a site admin and thus do not have the permissions to just do these things myself.

Missing pages list? by SigurdGSigurdG, 10 Sep 2019 21:14

Character Portraits are optional, but can be quite useful and inspriarational.

But not everyone is a born artist. So for those who have yet to develop their skills, looking to make a draft before comissioning an artist, or simply want to toy around with some ideas; here are some resources that might help. (Feel free to add some yourself in this thread)

Heromachine - A classic old school tool

ChibiMaker by Gen8 - A tool using the "Chibi"-style

Hero Forge - A site where you can create character miniatures and have them printed and shipped to you, but the miniature image can also be saved.

Rinmaru's Mega Fantasy Avatar Creator - A Bust Portrait tool with a little more detail - A site with a lot of "Paper doll"-style Dress-up games that can be utilized for portrait creation.

GIMP - A freeware alternative to Photoshop to touch up on any portraits you create.

Character Art Resources by KyoutaigoKyoutaigo, 07 Sep 2019 18:23
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