Nature: Race/type of Henge

Of the animals, foxes are the closest to the gods, and in the town they occupy a position higher than any of the other animals. As a result, foxes are the most skilled at influencing other henge, but they’re lacking when it comes to moving about themselves. They are not the best choice for those who wish to be proactive.

Many foxes think much of themselves, wear strange clothing, and because of the many secrets they hold, keep their distance from people.

However, as fox henge have much to do and tend to run all over the place, they tend to be important as leaders. It is their place to calmly think things through, and sometimes to give everyone an adult opinion on matters.

Fox Powers

Alluring 0
Oracle 6
Fox Fire 6
Invisibility 8
Fake 10
Fairy Rain 12
OPTIONAL Cost Drawback
Liar 8 Favorite Food
Old Friend 6 Secret
Shrine 0 Pride
Float 4 Strange
Marriage Knot 4 Cold
Present 8 Bluff

Known Fox Characters

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