Nature: NPC
Type: Human
Home: Caravan

First Encountered: 04.2 "They can see clearly now"

Description: Gloaming looks to be middle aged, but it's not clear how old she really is. She wears professional looking clothing in greys and blues, normally with the sleeves rolled up, and has a white surgeons gown for when surgery is a necessity.

Information: Gloaming has an obsession for all things sharp, which can be unsettling to most. Her reasoning is that in all her profession, both in hairstyling and in surgery, quick and dexterous movements with a blade lead to the best results for those under her care. Minimum of pain and fuss. And while her obsession can be off-putting, it is hard to argue with the quality of her results. Her obsession has led her to be a bit outside of most social circles, and she often feels lonely as a result. She has recently been reunited with Penumbra, her lost doll.


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