Nature: NPC
Type: Human
Home: Sky River

First Encountered: 2.3: "Smells Like Teen Drama"

Description: Nineteen years old, with solid stubble, strong arms, and a plaid flannel shirt. A bit absent-minded, so he often forgets things, like putting on both shoes or the fact that he's holding an axe. Apparently this is because he spends so much time alone in the woods, so he daydreams and ponders a lot, and "lives inside his own head" quite a lot.

Information: "Apprentice" lumberjack, as he's spent a lot of his life being taught by his mom and dad how to do the same job as them. Fell in love with Clay last time the caravan was in town, and thought she felt the same for him. Believed they'd have a life together when she returned the next time caravan showed up, and had prepared a house they could live in. Things turned out differently, and he was upset.


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