Henge are, fundamentally, magical animals who have a variety of powers, including the power to take human forms. As they are animals, most Henge spend most of their lives in animal form, although all have the ability to take human form when they wish.

Henge are special, being able to talk to animals, humans, and spirits. As such, Henge often take the role of mediators whenever problems arise between these groups. Henge are able to communicate with all three groups regardless of the form that they are in. However, it is a wise Henge who takes care around how he communicates with non-Henge, as most humans do not understand magic, and many respond negatively when presented with clear evidence of it.

All Henge have powers, drawing on their connection to magic. The exact nature of this magic differs between Henge. For more information on the exact magic that Henge of different kinds wield, see Character Sheets

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