Hot Spring

Nature: NPC
Type: Spirit
Race: Water Spirit

First Encountered: 01.2 "Smoke on the Water"

Description: Hot Spring is a water spirit that has, for all of its young life, wished to be a hot spring. In avatar form it often takes the form of varying amphibians made of pure water, and, now that Hot Spring has achieved his goal of becoming a hot spring, the water inside the amphibian is visibly boiling.

Information: Hot Spring is a young and very annoying water spirit. Until recently they were making Saffron very sick by constantly making him breath in humid air in the misguided belief that Saffron would be able to make Hot Spring into a hot spring. The townsfolk decided to build an actual hot spring to solve this problem, but were plagued by Hot Spring "helping" by flooding their work site with water and other annoying issues. After the players solved problems relating to a smoky boiler in "Smoke on the Water", Hot Spring achieved his ambition and is now officially a water spirit of a hot spring.


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