Nature: NPC
Type: Human
Home: Sky River

First Encountered: 01.3: "The Creature of the Turquoise Lagoon"

Further meetings:
02.3: "Smells Like Teen Drama"
03.3: "Under da Lake"

Description: Young man in his early 20's, possibly late teens, with a swimmer's build, olive skin and dark wavy hair. Spends so much time in the water that he's almost never entirely dry, and tends to prefer clothes that are less hassle to get in and out of (frequently shirtless because it's just simpler). Still has the fading bruises after being 'attacked' by grasping tentacles.

Information: Lark is a diver and forager, who fetches rare plants and kelp from the bottom of the lake where most others can't reach, as well as help retrieve things people might lose into the water. Was one of the people unintentionally 'assaulted' by Anemone, but the players helped them make up, and Lark now helps the sea-henge adjust to life among humans (and also tries to teach him how to let go after hugs). Also seems to have a "friends with benefits" thing going on with Bracken, one of the wannabe-heroes of the caravan.


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