Heaven's Gate Municipal Library

Nature: Place
Location: Heaven's Gate

The Heaven's Gate Municipal Library is a great storehouse of knowledge. Books are made from paper, and are bound in plant-based leathers (especially certain kinds of bark) with titles gently carved in and then painted to make them stand out. The library itself is composed of a long hall, at the end of which is a tall tower. The librarians known to players are the head librarian Broom and the young librarian Peony, but signs point to there being more librarians around.

The main building is composed of three stories:

  • The ground floor is the library proper, holding all the books that people might find useful in everyday life.
  • The 'top floor' is more a balcony that stretches around the whole interior of the building, housing bookshelves holding more obscure works that are less commonly requested by people. Access to this floor requires permission from a librarian, as the books here tend to be older and more delicate.
  • The basement primarily houses a great amount of blueprints, sorted by invention type, inventor's name, and success of the invention (in that order). Part of this floor is also dedicated to the town archives, overseen by the elderly Papyrus. Bound on a hidden podium in a dark corner is Marble.

The tower is composed of five stories:

  • The ground floor, attached directly to the main library hall, is a meeting room for talking to 'Living Books', such as Sanguinis and Spinifex.
  • The second floor, a 'bedroom' of sorts for the living books. This is composed of smallish 'cubbyholes' painted in painstaking detail to remind the book person of their contents, with small padded podium 'beds' for them to rest in their book form. While a fair few books live here, there is clearly room set aside for new books to join.
  • The third floor, a workshop for repairing damaged books and similar items.
  • The fourth floor, a 'bedroom' for librarians who have to / want to stay in the library. Looks like it was set up to allow certain people to stay long term in the library, although evidence seems to suggest that no one is currently doing so.
  • The top floor, an observatory and laboratory related primarily to astronomical observations. The center of this floor is the lab itself, protected from the elements by a wind and rain barrier, but the sides of the tower are open arched windows that allow for more easily moving around and observing different areas of the sky.
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