Lost In The Haze

Nature: NPC
Type: Spirit
Race: Forest Spirit

First Encountered: 04.2 "They can see clearly now"

Description: A large, mist-filled forest; at the center there is a single mystical tree with alchemical properties that people often talk to when addressing Lost In The Haze directly; it is not where he is, as he is the entire forest, but he accepts it as his 'face', for lack of a better term.

Information: Lost In The Haze is a melancholy spirit. Years ago, when he was little more than a copse of trees, he fell in love with the words that a local poet used to describe him. Taking the name 'Lost In The Haze' from a line in an especially memorable poem, the spirit felt that the poet had promised never to leave the forest behind. But poetry is open to interpretation, and the poet, having meant that the forest would always travel with him in his heart, left long, long ago. The spirit grew paranoid about those it cared about leaving again, and started to prevent any who entered his domain from leaving, slowly driving them insane until they lost themselves completely and faded into different beasts; some little more than part of the essence of the forest, others into Shadows and who knows what else. The players procured an exit path for themselves through magically ensuring that the poet would learn that the forest missed him; even in the heart of his hurt and abandonment, the forest wanted the poet to be able to consciously decide whether or not to return, and felt that being able to know with surety that the poet knew that they were missed was a far better position to be in than where they were now.


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