Henge 4
Animal 1
Adult 2
Child 1
Nature: Player Character
Player: Jonas
Henge Type: Witch


True form: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 223
Hair: White

Friendly elderly man, white braided long hair with feathers in the tips. He appears a bit distant and aloof, but is willing to talk and listen to anyone who wants it. Not very secretive about his magic and powers. You might notice magic things happening around him when he uses his magic to help with his day to day chores. Always carriers his 2m long walking stick with him


Joyful Charm 1+
Talk to Animals 2
Broom 6
Change of Clothes 6
Moonlight Mischief 20
Twilight Magic 20 Drawback
Magic Item 8 Doohickeys
Mysterious Moves 2 Mysterious Person
Wagon 0 Known Human
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