Nature: Race/type of Henge

Mice are small animals, but they’re also very clever. In stories they can slip into the background and quickly ferret out the true cause of the trouble. Their tiny bodies let them go most anywhere, and find out all kinds of things. Of course, they’re still quite good at finding things even in human form.

However, although mice are accustomed to having big families that get along, they don’t easily befriend other animals or humans. Their cleverness gets in the way, preventing them from opening up as much to others. On the other hand, once they do let someone in, they treat them like a close family member.

You could say a mouse’s role is to work hard behind the scenes for their precious friends and family.

Mouse Powers

Mouse Hole 4
You Do It 6
Liar 8
Sneaky 8
Big Family 8
Shenanigans 12
OPTIONAL Cost Drawback
Skitter 8 Impatient
Treasure 6 Underground
House Mouse 0 Tiny
Dine & Dash 4 Glutton
Stare 6 Scared
I Don't Get It 0 Braggart

Known Mouse Characters

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