Henge 2
Animal 3
Adult 2
Child 1
Nature: Player Character
Player: Kim Madtzog
User: Kim MadtzogKim Madtzog
Henge Type: Cat


True form: Cat
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Hair: Green
Eyes: Yellow
Height: (in Human form) 165
Weight: Never sets off weights or leaves footprints so his weight is unknown


A cat that appeared one day and joined the Caravan. Found sleeping in the back of a wagon. He doesn't remember which village he is from and pretends not to care.

Typical Lazy Cat. Except not really. Will always complain about being forced into adventures, but loves snooping in new places. Tries to bully mice and Squirrels, but never actually does anything that harms them(will be furious if something looks like it will). Talks endlessly about how he wants to nap, but seems to be awake for all the exciting stuff. Can steal stuff, but puts it back when he thinks nobody is looking.

Goals, Ambitions, Desires:
Having that perfect Nap; One that is not to long, not to short, in a constant ray of uninterrupted sunlight, but not to hot. On a comfortable surface that is neither to hard or to soft. Will tell you about it endlessly if you ask. (DON'T ASK).

Failing that learning all the Secrets! Even if it kills him.(IT WON'T).
(Secretly finding his home village and possibly his mom).


Kitty 0
Fuzzy 4
Peek into Hearts 6
Stealthy Feet 8
Cat Paths 10
Friends 14 Drawback
Cat Burglar 8 Skittish
Feigned Innocence 4 Cat Tongue



Thread Partner Content Level
Caravan Trust 2
Village 1
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