Nature: NPC
Type: Animate / "Living" / Enchanted Item
Race: Toy
Home: Caravan

First Encountered: 04.2 "They can see clearly now"

Description: A cute little porcelain doll, with a finely polished and newly sharpened knife.

Information: Penumbra is the childhood doll of Gloaming. She tried to get revenge on Gloaming for abandoning her, but only succeeded in getting the players trapped within the woods. After helping the players to escape, Penumbra was reunited with Gloaming, who explains that she never abandoned the doll, but that the freak onset of winter had made it impossible to find Penumbra when the caravan they were in had to suddenly break camp as it was unprepared for the snow. Penumbra is currently covered in a fine layer of lumina, astrale, and, on the soles of her feet, octarin paint. The knife that Penumbra wields was made by Gloaming's parents, both also barber-surgeons, to match the first knife that they had given Gloaming


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