Nature: Race/type of Henge

Horses are strong, swift animals with a strong herd instinct. They can carry more weight and run much faster than most henge, and they have a natural affinity for working with others. Among the henge they play a supporting role, always helping any way they can.

However, horses tend to have trouble doing things by themselves, and they can be very skittish and panicky. They need others to be with them and help them deal with the unexpected.

Pony Powers

Special Talent 0
Friendship 0
Work Together 1+
Comfort 6
Pony Express 6
The Way Home 12
OPTIONAL Cost Drawback
Race Horse 10 Chew
Mysterious Pegasus 2 Pegasus Wings
Dash 8 Skittish
Unicorn Magic 2 Strange Unicorn
From the Horse's Mouth 6 Herd
Strong as a Horse 8 Eats Like a Horse

Known Pony Characters

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