Ending a session

● Spend as many Dreams as you are able to.
● Lose any remaining Dreams.
● Lose any remaining Wonder and Feelings. (keep Memories)
● Count the values (boxes) of all your total connections to and from others, and add this to the accumulated Memories you've earned, up to a max of 100 points.
● Your connections turn into Threads.
● Lose your connections. (except to yourself, see "Daydreams" below)
● Players may post something on the wiki to gain 2 Daydreams.



● If you don’t have a thread to somebody yet, basically just copy the details of your connection, writing the number of boxes filled in on each side as the corresponding thread strength.
● If you already have a thread to somebody, add the number of boxes you've currently filled in for that connection to the pre-existing thread strength on that side.
● Threads can be used instead of attributes in Impression Checks. So a thread starts to become really useful once it has a strength above 4, since that makes it better than any attribute.
● Threads can also be used to make an Impression Check instead of gaining the default connection at the start of the game. When used like this, the resulting connection is not limited to 2, but can go all the way up to 5. The drawback is that each further level requires twice as much as the previous level, resulting in the following progression:
Check Result 4 8 16 32 64
Connection lvl 1 lvl 2 lvl 3 lvl 4 lvl 5



● If you write on the wiki about your session, you get 2 Daydreams.
● What you want to write is up to you; examples are writing a plot summary, a diary entry from the perspective of your character, information about NPCs or locations that you met during the plot, a poem about what happened.
● Daydreams don't vanish at the end of a session if unused, much like memories. Can uniquely be used to improve your character’s connection to themselves, at normal dream costs for improving connections. You'll need to pay for both sides separately. Your connection to yourself never turns into a thread. Any Henge powers, magical items or spirit powers that affect connections or connection cost do not apply to this connection.


Missed Sessions

● For every session you miss, you gain 10 memories and 5 Loose Threads.
● As a GM, since you actually did put in work for the session, you get 30 memories and 15 Loose Threads. You also get 2 Daydreams.
● This is applied per character, so if you make a new character, they will count as having missed all sessions so far.


Loose Threads

● Loose Threads represent your character meeting people on their own offscreen, while normal session where going on that your character was not involved in.
● When you make an impression check with somebody, you may specify that some of your loose threads were related to that person.
● This permanently increases the normal threads to that person, on both sides, by however many loose threads you decided to spend. The loose threads are permanently used up.
● Make the impression check as normal, now with increased threads.
● Loose Threads for other players characters are limited to the people you have the least amount of threads with (or no threads).

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