This is a place people can write down and share fun things that have been said during saga sessions, whether in-game or out-of-game.

Beryl: How open are you about your….adventurousness?
Jonas: Wait, are you asking if she's into anal sex?

GM: Not every problem, or even ANY problem, can be solved with twerking!
Gjermund nr2: But my tail is so fluffy!

Moonglow: (talking to 15 year-old girl) You wanna go do something fun?
Girl: Sure, I guess.
Moonglow: Ok, then come over here and mount my walking stick
Everyone around table: ….WHAT?!?

GM: But you don't have feelings towards IT.
Maggie: I do: (points at sheet) "No!"

Chert: We learned the monster's into bottoms.
Sapphire: WHAT?!?!
Chert: I found a rock!

Glimmer: Where did you come from? Why did you go?
Several co-players: Where did you come from goat-eye joe?

Maggie: Dusk would never lie to me, unless he was doing so.


Martin: Strip Russian Roulette

Chert: (after having summoned up all the area's cats) I was meeting the mafia
GM: The mafieow?….

Dusk: You know i AM going to do something naughty, so you may as well give permission anyway.

Sigurd: You know, as in…..sea-weed
Maggie: Marinehuana!

Dusk: (to Glimmer) Y'know, for an adult, you're not very useful.
Chert: Adults aren't supposed to be useful, Dusk.

Chert: What are you fleeing Glimmer? Responsibility?!?
Glimmer: No comment!

GM: So she breaks down crying.
Players, collectively: Wooo! /applause/

Martin: Maybe he has alzheimer's?
Hilde: Or….eelsheimer?

Martin: Peg him down.
GM: You mean "take him down a peg", maybe?

NPC: "You wanted to take the elevator down? Sorry it left… You could always take the stairs."
Moonglow: "Look at me, I am too old to take the stairs. I will take the direct route." Walks off the cliff

Maggie: Bog mummy take the wheel!

Dusk?: They have family and friends who'll be worried about them
Dewdrop: We were going to write them a message
???: That's sort of difficult to deliver though, we're on a moving caravan
Dewdrop: No, we'd get one of the bats to fly over with it
Jonas: Bat-mail?
Sigurd: No! A bat-signal!

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