Nature: Race/type of Henge

Rabbits succumb to loneliness easily, but are especially good at making friends. Their abilities make them good at strengthening connections, getting people with whom they have connections to do favors, and doing favors in return. They’re also adept at getting along with people they’ve just met.

A rabbit with no people around can’t do anything. It is their role to form connections with many people, to be friends and have fun, and to make happy stories. Rabbits exist to make others—and surely themselves—happy.

Rabbit Powers

Cute 0
Mochi-Pounding 1+
Lop-Eared 3
Help Me 6
I Dunno 8
Moonlight 20
OPTIONAL Cost Drawback
Friendship 0 Loneliness
Please 6 Crybaby
I Love You! 12 Lovesick
Dash 8 Impatient
Remember 6 Meddling
Let's Play! 8 Spoiled

Known Rabbit Characters

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