Raccoon Dog

Nature: Race/type of Henge

Raccoon dogs are the animals most skilled at changing form, even among the henge. They can change not only into a human form, but into monsters, specific people they know, and inanimate objects like rocks or even vehicles.

Fallen leaves can become money, and the very scenery itself can change around them. In any case, whether it’s a human form or something completely different, raccoon dogs are the most skilled of henge when it comes to transforming.

A raccoon dogs’ role is to use their powers to get through difficult circumstances by bewitching people and transforming themselves. Their calm, warm demeanors can also help set the mood.

Raccoon Dog Powers

Trinkets 2
Bogey 8
Become Anything 8
Copy 10
Tanuki Drumming 12
Dream Vision 16
OPTIONAL Cost Drawback
Swell 8 Cowering
Carelessness 6 Gullible
Stomach Worm 8 Glutton
Tanuki Dance 12 Carried Away
Rest 0 Relaxed
Mischief 8 Teasing

Known Raccoon Dog Characters

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