The rules for this saga primarily follow those outlined in the Golden Sky Stories core rulebook.

Henge types that are allowed in this game are those outlined in the following books:

  • Golden Sky Stories
  • Colors of the Sky
  • Twilight Tales (Bear [modified Oni template] and Sea Creature [modified Kappa template] ONLY)

Most Henge types have had one or more of their powers updated. These can be seen at Houserules.

Please note when reading through the rulebooks that you might find suggestions for adopting some aspects from Snake, Spider, and Elder Henge. These are all contained in a book which was published early on in the initial Japanese run (Hitotsuna Komichi), but which is still in the process of being translated for the English run. The initial Japanese run is out of print, meaning that there is currently no way to access these Henge templates. As such, these cannot be used for this campaign.

Please also note that other animal Henge that have been created by the translation team for Golden Sky Stories (e.g., Sheep) are at this point in time not available either, as these are unreleased to the general public until the translation team has finished translating all books.

Finally, please note that the Henge in Faerie Skies, Fantasy Friends, and Engine Skies are not available for use by players at this time.

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