Nature: NPC
Type: Human
Home: Sky River

First Encountered: 01.2 "Smoke on the Water"

Description: Looks to be in his twenties, his face looks to be one which is used to smiling and laughing, but he seems to have more than a fair share of anxiety and stress at the moment which are clouding his normally sunny disposition. He attempts to remain friendly and professional regardless. He wears a professional looking outfit in blues, purples, and reds, with purple strands of an unknown metal snaking its way through in pleasant patterns.

Information: Saffron is one of the town's gemsmiths, and, by anyone's definition, one of the best. Until recently he had been suffering under an overly attached water spirit, who kept making him sick due to always being in very humid air. He managed to finally be rid of this spirit with outside help, but in the process learned some things about his family history that lie heavily upon him. He has retreated somewhat into the sanctuary of what he knows; water stone smithing for the good of the city.


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