01.1 - Mystery of the Flowing Dress

Nature: Scenario
GM: Felix
Players: Moonglow (Jonas), Puddle (Tore), Ruby (Markus), Eucalyptus (Sondre)

Description: The players stroll around in Sky River and meet Petal and Tulip near a fountain. Tulip is sad that the old fountain is no longer there, while petal is upset that the waterstones are used for art and pleasure of the village instead of helping other people. A bit later Petal asks the players for help, some waterstones have gone missing from a few storage locations in town and the disappearance coincides with the arrival of the caravan.

The players investigate the Chaos pool and have a chat with the water spirit there. The water spirit tells them that a new person, wearing a fancy dress, came to collect the waterstones. The players suspect tulip, who wears a dress that looks like it was stitched together from different dresses, was that person.

Next the players look into the warehouse where they find Tulip looking at the old fountain which is running. She has plans for making a dress that uses waterstones. The players take her to Petal who is aware of the dress making plans and scolds Tulip for stealing the waterstones.

Player retellings: The Euclidian Chatterbox,

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