01.3 - Creature of the Turquoise Lagoon

Nature: Scenario
GM: Henrik
Players: Dusk (Martin), Sapphire (Gry), Chert (Maggie), Glimmer (Sigurd)

Description: Sapphire the dragon, Glimmer the dragon, Chert the cat, and Dusk the fox have caught wind of a great tentacle monster at the docks of Sky River. It has been trying to steal people by grabbing them out of the water, and even smashed a boat against the rocks. Thankfully, no one has yet to be dragged into the murky depths for good. After a brief consultation in Sapphire’s wagon, the party agrees to send the dragons, the adults, down to the dockside while the kids travel up to the town to gather intel. The adults, Sapphire and Glimmer, find a fellow named Pear at the docks who tells them about the monster attacks. He is grateful to them for being willing to save them, and has a cousin who will lend them a rowboat.

The kids, meanwhile, are climbing the city. They see the gorgeous algae arrangements on the pile of block rooftops. Dusk wants to dick around, Chert wants to go to the candy store to buy more pocky. At the candy store, the storekeeper, Mint, happily gives them candy – Chert is tragically forced to pretend it is for his totally-real younger brother. Her son is able to direct them to a man who was attacked by the tentacle monster, Lark, who works with carving magic rocks. He gives Chert two magic sinking-rocks for their quest. The adults, meanwhile, are beginning to feel guilty about ‘abandoning’ the children after hearing talk of what happens to unsupervised children. The party regroups. Glimmer is given a magic rock – the greedy dragon likely isn’t going to let that go again. They wait until the evening to go out and try to talk to the tentacle monster in a rowboat. Chert is very reluctant, but reluctantly agrees to come along. Armed with a net, the heroes set out.

Out in the boat, shenanigans ensues, until Sapphire has had enough: "If you are quite done messing around, we would like to talk now". And sure enough, from the depth rises… a KRAKEN! Turns out, he is a henge named Anemone, cast out from his society of krakens for being too clingy. With some effort, he is persuaded to take human form - "the humans won't run in terror if you look like them!" There is talk about keeping him in a bathtub in Sapphire's wagon, but thanks to several heartwarming speeches, the village seems to have accepted him for now…

Player retellings:

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