02.1 - Creation of the Flowing Dress

Nature: Scenario
GM: Felix
Players: Ruby (Markus), Eucalyptus (Sondre), Prism1 (Ole Kristian)

Description: The players are asked by Petal to keep an eye on Tulip, who has been asked to stay in her workshop for a while so she doesn't cause any more trouble after it came to light that she had stolen water stones. Then, once they arrive, they are asked by Tulip to convince Petal to help with the creation of the water dress that she envisioned. They do so, convincing Tulip that maybe it's okay to finish a project once in a while and Petal that maybe it's okay to sometimes to things that don't have an immediate practical purpose. Along the way they also try to convince the village that Ruby is an awesome God, but Sky quickly puts a stop to that.

Player retellings: The Euclidian Chatterbox,

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