02.3 - Smells like teen drama

Nature: Scenario
GM: Henrik
Players: Dusk (Martin), Chert (Maggie), Glimmer (Sigurd)

Description: At an ungodly hour in the early morning (just before noon) Dusk, Glimmer, and Chert are attracted by the sound of angry shouting somewhere outside the wagons. It turns out that Heath, a lumberjack from the village is angrily asking Loam and Bracken where he might find their friend Clay. After some back and forth, including letting Dusk distract Heath with a quest for cookies, it becomes clear that while Bracken and Loam are not terribly worried, and in fact saw Clay just this morning, Heath has barely seen her since the caravan arrived. Moreover, it seems that he had expected to see her a whole lot more, though he is unwilling to disclose exactly why. To appease the spurned lumberjack, the group agrees to look for Clay. Loam and Heath go to search the forest, while Chert, Glimmer, and Dusk plan to ask around the city. However, Dusk secretly follows the two going into the woods, hoping to gleam some secrets.

The two in the woods, however, betray few secrets, nor do they seem all that capable at searching - especially Loam pays more attention to Heath than anything else. Dusk decides to instead go search by the waterfront, asking for whether anyone has seen Clay this morning. As it turns out, she was seen entering the lake together with one Lark, whom Dusk knows from before…

Meanwhile in the city, Glimmer tries asking people on the street if they have seen Clay. This goes poorly. The dragon has some serious issues figuring out which humans may have been about Clay's age and demographic, so the questioning leads nowhere. Chert, however, has another plan. Sneaking into a less-light alleyway, he calls upon the power of his people, summoning a swathe of local cats. Conversing with Gary, the floofy "leader" of the cats, it is clear that they normally do not pay much attention to the humans unless they are handing out snacks, but Keith, a gangly and rusty-grey cat who lives by the docks might have seen someone matching Clay's description. And sure enough - early in the morning, Keith says he saw Clay enter the lake together with a shirtless teenage human with some excessive bruising on his torso. Chert and Glimmer decide that might be Lark, and thus, the trio converges at Larks house.

Lark confirms that yes, he helped Clay and her boyfriend(!) Aconite out with gathering some deepwater plants that morning. The house briefly turns into a group-hug when Lark's newly acquired housemate Anemone sees that his new friends are visiting. In the middle of the commotion, Glimmer just about catches wind of someone being outside, but deciding to leave after a brief pause - it's Bracken! Feigning an emergency, they run outside, following Bracken into an alley and confronts him about what he wants. Turns out, he is there to see Lark, but it seemed like there was a crowd, so he wouldn't want to impose maybe come back another time, and so on. Glimmer, lunging on a hunch decides that this is nonsense, and with a promise that they along with Dusk and Chert will bring Anemone out of the house, Bracken is dragged back to Lark's house. A quick insistence upon bringing an expert in potential water related investigations later, and the first set of relationship drama for the day has been solved.

At a loss for further clues, the trio (and Anemone) head to talk to Opal, the resident bard of the caravan, to find out who is sleeping with who, and more precisely where they can find Clay and Aconite's sleeping arrangements. A bit of back and forth leads them to Aconite's wagon, where they find his research notes. Turns out, he isn't a very good alchemist. And now, he is trying to "cure" love, using an experimental potion with lots of fumes. Fearing they might be too late, the party takes to the sky, searching for signs of smoke. They find a clearing with Clay, Aconite, and their experimental apparatus… but it is too late. Aconite's experiment has, in a way, succeeded. But all of the memories of the two are gone.

Scrambling to get the two amnesiacs back to the caravan before something ill befalls them, the group runs into Heath and Loam - and in the confusing mess of angry and confused outbursts that follow, the truth eventually comes out:

  1. Last time the caravan came to Sky River, Loam developed a crush on Heath, but was too shy to say anything about it. Therefore, she asked her friend Clay to help her by cozying up to him and putting in a good word, so to say.
  2. Heath and Clay appeared to have chemistry - she ended up accidentally seducing him, and they spent an intimate moment together. Clay, of course, never told Loam.
  3. Heath assumed their moment of shared intimacy meant something, and has spent the last year working on building a house so that they can settle down - he assumed they were engaged. Meanwhile, Clay hoped he had forgotten about the whole thing.
  4. A few weeks ago, Clay met Aconite, and the two fell in love. In fact, this was why Aconite decided to join the caravan.
  5. Bracken, being a close friend of both Clay and Loam, has been confided in by both parties, promised not to tell anyone else, and has been generally tired of the drama since it began. Honestly he would just like to get some peace alone with his boyfriend if y'all wouldn't mind!

Looking at each other, Chert, Dusk, and Glimmer decide that this is generally awful, but at least it is now all in the open so that they can sort it out. After Clay and Aconite have been brought into the care of a competent herbalist, who assures everyone that their memories will return by morning, the teens are left to sort out the remains of their drama on their own…

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