03.1 - Time to Say Goodbye

Nature: Scenario
GM: Felix
Players: Glimmer (Sigurd), Chert (Maggie), Amethyst (Bianca), Ruby (Markus)

Synopsis: A small feast is thrown to ensure that the social entaglements of the past few weeks may end in amicable resolutions.

Description: Summary of the going away party:

Glimmer, Chert, Amethyst, and Ruby are invited to dinner with Cloud, who briefs them on the need for a farewell party. The intent of this endeavor is to give everyone who might need it a chance to come to terms with having to part with one party or another they have gotten attached to over the past weeks as the caravan will be moving on. After some quick brainstorming, Chert and Glimmer agree that the teenagers involved in the previous week's drama (02.3 - Smells like teen drama) might need the time, as well as Anemone. Ruby posits that his friends Tulip and Petal might be a good idea to invite as well, and moreover he himself seems to need some time to come to terms with leaving especially Tulip behind.

Having compiled a guest list, the group sets out to gather supplies - and deciding it is probably too late to bother Cypress (who is in charge of food distribution to the caravan) directly, they stop by Mint's candy store to get some snacks for the party. She is of course more than willing to help out once it is clear that the candy is for the party rather than for the road. It turns out Cypress has given instructions not to hand out "too much" food for the caravan. This seems unusual, so the quartet of henge seek out Cypress next…

Cypress' place is a chaos of people running around everywhere, with her directing the moment and generally seeming quite stressed. At this point Ruby ducks outside for a bit, while Chert takes a nap - so it is up to the bunny and the dragon to convince Cypress to relinquish the supplies they need. As it turns out, she is rather unwilling to do so. She seems hung up on the idea that she really needs to ration the food just in case there are more caravans coming through, and in fact there is a bit of concern the caravan might not get enough food for the road. Glimmer attempts an appeal to rationality, but it is Amethyst's appeal to her emotions that finally breaks through, using the sleeping Chert to melt her frozen heart ("Do you want this kitty and his entire family to starve? Look how cute and fluffy he is!") Cypress, to the groups surprise breaks down crying. It turns out her mother left with a caravan years ago, and since then she has resented the caravans taking people away and tearing relationships apart. She is, of course, promplty invited to the farewell party after some extensive effort to hug it all better.

At the party, all invited save Petal have shown up, and appear to have a good time. The teenagers seem to have mostly sorted out their issues - each going the way they came at the caravan's arrival. Some concern was raised about the relationship between Bracken and Lark, but as Bracken says - "some people know how to do casual". That leaves just Anemone in that particular tangle, and he is indecisive. With some prodding, he is ultimately convinced that he needs to let go of someone and given his dependency on water that ultimately means staying in Sky River.

Ruby decides to have a chat with Tulip, to see how she is doing. As one of the first people to ever genuinely listen to him, he feels a special attachment to her, and tentatively suggests that maybe she might want to come along? However, Petal has a home here in Sky River and will be staying. Ruby is sad but understanding, and decides to leave her a memento. Using a considerable amount of magical power, he creates a ring for her, capable of turning her invisible at will. And unlike a normal ring, he will be able to maintain its magic even after the caravan has left. Tulip is elated, and as the party dies down, she is already busy fantasizing about her new dress designs…

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