03.2 - A spring by any other name

Nature: Scenario
GM: Jonathan
Players: Nyan (Kim), Eucalyptus (Sondre), Puddle (Tore), Sapphire (Gry), Bork (Brage)

Description: Retiring to the hot spring after a cold breeze interrupted a pleasant warm evening, the gang discover that Hot Spring has found a new obsession; becoming the spirit of the water dress designed by Tulip. They are split on how to proceed, with some wanting to help the spirit and others wanting to convince the spirit to be happy as he is. They discuss this issue with knowledgeable townsfolk, namely Sage, Sky, and Chaos, and end by ritualistically convincing Hot Spring that being a hot spring was a good thing to be. Along the way they also met Florian, the attendant at the hot spring, responsible for ensuring the boiler is kept fueled, and ask her to take a role looking after Hot Spring while he learns to be a good spirit.

Player retellings: The Euclidian Chatterbox,

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