04.2 - They Can See Clearly Now

GM: Jonathan
Players: Dusk (Martin), Mica (Henrik), Amber (Gjermund nr2), Bork (Brage)

Description: Something lurks in the woods, watching the caravan. The players give chase, meet a lonely lost doll named Penumbra, narrowly avoid a fight with a lost frost fairy, and discuss the nature of love and loss with the local forest spirit. Making a magical deal with the forest spirit (in which they will send word to a poet that lived in the woods ages ago that he is missed), the players get granted passage back to the caravan. The frost fairy disappears the moment the gang leaves the woods, but the rest return to the caravan where they reunite Penumbra with her original owner Gloaming for a happy ending. In escaping the forest it is possible that they might have also unleashed shadow beings of unknown intent into the world, but that's fine, right?

Player retellings:

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