05.1 - Henge in Sheep's Clothing

Nature: Scenario
GM: Felix
Players: Ruby (Markus), Nyan (Kim), Eucalyptus (Sondre), Puddle (Tore)

Description: The group finds a young shepherd, Forest, who is crying because he has lost his favorite sheep, Mist. The decide to help and set off to search the plains at night. Finding nothing, they search the village as well. During this search, they come across Clover, another shepherd who goes off to look into this matter. The players tag along, and after some conversation between the two shepherd, they discover that Coriander was one of the people who helped found the village, and the original owner of Mist. The sheep was apparently very gentle and easy to work with; a good first sheep for shepherd to learn the trade. Clover suggests they search the edge of the plains since Mist has not been found on the plains; so smelling where it might have gone off the plains would be easier than following the trail among all the other sheep trails on the plain. The group heads off into the forest, and soon enough finds Mist who turns out to be a Henge as they had suspected from the very beginning. She's in a bad state, having been on her own for two days and lots of scrapes from bushes. On the way back, most of the party gets distracted talking to the spirit of the forest, which calls itself the Autumn Forest. Nyan is not amused, and carries Mist back so she can get some help with the rest of the party goes off to look at a tree made of ice in the middle of a lake.

Player retellings: The Euclidian Chatterbox,

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