05.2 - Trickster Trouble

GM: Jonathan
Players: Beryl (Sarah), Sapphire (Gry), Dusk (Martin), Mica (Henrik)

Description: With their wagon stuck at the top of the elevator, the group venture into Hope Arch to see what there is to see, with Beryl determined to count every stair on the way down out loud. Inside they meet the rambunctuous twins Alocasia and Colocasia, who tell them to talk to a local baker, Caladium, about a resident of the town, Zephyr, who has been acting out of sorts lately. Also, the baker's specialty is eggy bread; the gang can't pass that up. Talking to Caladium, they learn that Zephyr is considered a good person, and these recent changes in his personality are upsetting to say the least. Caladium cuts off discussion of Zephyr upon the entrance of Xanthosoma, who is dressed in an outfit coloured with very fancy colours and in a fancy material, but which has obvious issues in relation to tailoring. She takes a loaf of bread and leaves, but even after she is out of the picture Caladium is reticent to continue to the conversation, suggesting they seek out more friends of Zephyr. They again meet with the twins, who ask them for the information they got from Caladium. At the bottom, Beryl announces that there are 14,763 stairs if you take the internal path through the arch. They meet Granite, who informs them that Zephyr's change in behaviour is a good thing for the town. They meet with Wintersweet and Jasmine, who guide them to a secret bar hidden inside a large stack of bundled hay covered by a wooden roof; impossible to distinguish from other similar structures if you didn't know what to look for. Inside they talk briefly to the bartender Bougainvillea and start getting drunk, before finally meeting with Zephyr. He tells them that Xanthosoma told him that there were many others in the town who wanted to kick him out, and showed him a list with signatures to prove it. The gang drunkenly break into Xanthosoma's home and steal the list, which they discover to have been a grocery list that had other words hastily added. Back at the bar, Zephyr recognises the list and says that when Xanthosoma showed it to him she had waved it fast in front of his face so he hadn't caught that they weren't even names. The shepherds voice their support of Zephyr, who feels far more comfortable and ready to get back to his old ways.

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