06.1 - Clear Skies

Nature: Scenario
GM: Felix
Players: Ruby (Markus), Sapphire (Gry), Puddle (Tore)

Description: Xanthosoma asks the players to look into the weavers because they send less cloth to the Dyers guild. Puddle angers her, and she storms off to find his owner, Cloud. Ruby drenches her room with Fairy Rain. The players are not happy to help Xanthosoma, but are interested in weaving and cloth anyway, and so go there to check it out. They meet Silk, who gets wrapped up in an intense conversation about looms, and accidentally spills the beans that there are fewer to no dry clouds coming in anymore. Before they can leave to investigate, Cloud arrives with Xanthosoma and fake scolds Puddle so that it looks he is chastising him while really praising him. The players venture off to find out where they have gone. Ruby talks to Forest and Mist who are with a herd of sheep; while Sapphire and Puddle perform a ritual on a little cloud pillow they got from Silk to show them where it came from. The pillow nudges in a direction and they go that way. On the way they come across Ruby and intend to take him along further on the direction they are going. Offhand Sapphire asks Mist if she knows where the dry clouds come from and is informed that they come from these sheep, which will poof up their wool into a cloud from time to time, leaving them with almost none that then slowly regrows. They managed to induce one sheep to do so, and follow the cloud out of the plains and over a swamp. Ruby has to walk while in a lot of pain because he pissed off Sapphire and was hit and sent flying quite far. In the swamp they reconcile when Ruby apologises. They discover nothing that might draw the clouds to the swamp and go looking in the direction of Hope Arch instead. They find there is a spirit that draws in anything in the air, including cloud. They try to talk to it, but it does not answer. However, they notice that the range over which the spirit draws in stuff does not extend to the cloud sheep. They question Forest whether the sheep might have been moved, but are informed they they have not; however the village it further away now. They realise that the land has been expanding, and so even with the sheep in the same area, they village has gotten too far away because the plains in between have grown. They ask Forest to move the sheep closer so that they are caught by the air spirit, and he agrees. They also move some of the clouds from the swamp towards the village, but it is hard work. Xanthosoma finds Ruby, and gets some water stones from him because her room has been drenched and they can keep it dry.

Player retellings:

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