06.2 - Friendship is Mayhem

Nature: Scenario
GM: Henrik
Players: Glimmer (Sigurd), Chert (Maggie), Firestone (Kais)

NPC's: Opal, Shingle, Xanthosoma, Zephyr, Bougainvillea, Clay, Bracken, Aconite, Loam, Ümlaut

Description: Glimmer, Firestone, and Chert receive an invitation to a celebration of the arrival of Autumn. Outfitting themselves with masks and costumes from a chest found in Glimmer's hoard, as well as animalistic henge traits, they attend the party, and, in rapid succession experience or instigate a series of incidents:

  • Multicolored fire breaks out on a table near Bracken (who has broken his leg due to "Bad communication")! Tip for the future: Glitter makes for a poor fire extinguisher.
  • Clay throws a tantrum over the players putting out the fire.
  • Chert gets significantly tipsy, while simultaneously gathering relations and intel.
  • The dragons are stumped by Clay, Aconite, and Bracken - though Firestone notices Clay has two sets of footsteps?
  • Loam hits a pinata full of bees off-screen, and hides in a barrel of water. Chert valiantly saves her from the icy, wet clutches of the water, while the dragons swat away the bees.
  • The lights go out, and at last they see Clay, who has been missing, being stalked by a shadowy gremlin creature.
  • Chert apprehends the gremlin, who turns out to be Ümlaut, a "helpful" mononoke who wants to set things right for Clay and Loam pestering Bracken.
  • With Ümlaut's help, the trio of teenagers are finally convinced to share their feelings with each other, and, perhaps, this time they will remain friends…1

Player retellings:

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