08.2 - Baaaah-d Romance

GM: Jonathan
Players: Nyan (Kim), Ruby (Markus), Eucalyptus (Sondre)

Description: After painting the clouds the previous week, Ruby and Eucalyptus are pulled before some of the angrier denizens of the town to explain themselves and put things right. This feels strange to the gang, as they had only painted one set of sheep, but looking up in the sky they see many colourful clouds. They go to talk to Forest, and discover that him in a confused state wondering whether what he had recently experienced was love or not. Seeing that the cloud sheep Forest had been herding were all painted in weird clumps and patterns of colour, and discovering he didn't know who or what had painted them, Nyan and Eucalyptus took Forest in search of Mist to see if she knew anything. Ruby stayed behind to watch the sheep.

Eucalyptus found Mist, who was hiding from Forest, and discovered that she was sick of being harrassed by Forest, refusing to meet with him. Nyan had a long talk to Forest and convinced him that the fact that he had 'heard music' looking at Mist but hadn't actually felt any emotional connection indicated that he wasn't really in love. Ruby, closely watching the sheep, observed that, after a dry cloud drifted off a sheep, the new wool that started growing in was initially white but very quickly started changing colour. The group reuniting, minus Mist, they investigated the scene and worked out that they changes in wool colour were due to the sheep eating the colourful flowers in the area. Nyan determines that Ruby had used some of their powers to give both Forest and Mist strange dreams about romance, and gets Ruby to see the error of their ways.

Tasking Forest to make sure that his flock stayed away from the flowers, and with the promise of Nyan spending time with him over the next few days so that he could talk out his feelings, the gang go talk to Mist in the Shepherd's Secret. She states that if Forest doesn't start taking his work properly again, which he can't do while mooning after her, she doesn't feel comfortable with leaving the village like she had originally planned. The gang convince her that Forest will change his ways, and Ruby apologises to Mist for both the dream he made her have about loving Nyan, and for the drama he caused through the dream he gave Forest about loving Mist. The gang then inform the guilds about the cause of the clouds being colourful, and inform them that, aside from a last batch of colourful wool, they should soon be back to being properly white.

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