08.3 - If Everyone Jumped Off a Bridge...

Nature: Scenario
GM: Fredrik
Players: Dusk (Martin), Glimmer (Sigurd), Puddle (Tore)

The players investigate a mighty ruckus atop the arch - turns out the children of Hope Arch are jumping off the cloud catching platforms in ropes to amuse themselves. Onlookers are of split opinions, some seem tempted to join in themselves, while others are on the verge of attempting to shut it down. After a brilliant(?) idea from Dusk, the players decide to do both.

Speaking privately with Holly, leader of the weaver's guild, they plan to organize the activity into Hope Arch's official village sport. After securing the support of the shepherds as well, bureaucracy happens and a few days later, the first official event is held. Whether the sport will truly catch on, or fade into obscurity now that it is a sanctioned mainstay of the region remains to be seen…

Player retellings:

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