09.1 - Recruitment Drive

Nature: Scenario
GM: Sigurd
Players: Moonglow (Jonas), Mica (Henrik), Dusk (Martin), Sapphire (Gry)
NPC's: Opal, Gloaming, Penumbra, Syrinx, Peach, Wicker, Delta

Description: As the caravan prepares to leave, it turns out that a couple of its members are tempted to stay behind. The characters are upset at this, and work to get everyone to share what they actually feel about each other, so that at least the decision is made as a well-informed choice. A nice "we appreciate and will miss you" dinner / evening is arranged to accomplish this, and magical potions are slipped into peoples' drinks to help them 'open up'. A local kid who's been considering whether he should join the caravan to run away from his problems also shows up, and an attempt to help him fix his issues accidentally convinces him to join instead.

Player retellings:

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