10.2 - The Undiscovered Country

Nature: Scenario
GM: Henrik
Players: Glimmer (Sigurd), Chert (Maggie), Dusk (Martin), Moonglow (Jonas), Puddle (Tore)
NPC's: Clay, Loam, Magnolia, Iris, Bracken, Mango, Dewdrop, The Church-Grimm

Description: Iris has gone missing, and when attempting to find her, so has Bracken! The players are enlisted by Magnolia, Clay, and Loam to find the missing scouts. Following the tracks left behind, as well as asking a friendly neighborhood bat leads the group to what appears to be the remains of a truly ancient settlement. In a weird garden with geometrically arranged stone markers, they find an ancient stone building with light inside…

Curious, they knock on the wall by the doorway, and Dewdrop greets them. He evasively answers questions about the missing people, and allude to some entity who doesn't want them to enter the building. And that was when the grimm appears - a huge, semi-transparent black hound. He demanded they leave, and nit disturb the people in the ground. Clearly these people must be hiding. From what, the Grimm would not say. To avoid angering the Grimm, the group flew onto the roof and met Mango the bat henge. She's friemdly, just like the bat they met earlier.

Glimmer, Dusk, and Chert make their way in through the windows. Glimmer runs into, and hits it off with, Dewdrop. Turns out dewdrop (who the dragon has identified as a spider henge) is a little bit lonely, making fancy weaving all on his own, decorating the building, and occasionally making new clothes for himself or Mango. Meanwhile, Dusk and Chert explore the building… Including a silk-made loft where they find Iris and Bracken! The two wake them up, at which point there is noise, attracting dewdrop. Thus, the whole gang is in the same place!

Turns out, the Grimm is feeling lonely, and while Mango likes the place well enough, with her bat friends, Dewdrop feels more people would be beneficial. The players have the bright idea to possibly revitalize the settlement, perhaps Grimm could be the God of the settlement. Ultimately, they convince the henge to come along to the next town where they hope to find potential settlers for Grimmstad…

Player retellings:

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