11.1 - (title not shared with GM team)

GM: Felix
Players: Ruby (Markus), Eucalyptus (Sondre), Puddle (Tore), Firestone (Kais), Amethyst (Bianca)

Description: A conspiracy theorist, Rosemary, asks the players for help because nobody in the village is trustworthy. There is a missing flying machine for them to retrieve that will help him on that quest once he figures out why they wanted it.

So they go and find the inventor's workshop, where someone called Twilight had built the flying machine. Both are missing. The players mess around the workshop for while, among other things poking a strange cube made of too many gears to actually fit inside it, and activate it. Some inventor freaks out about "the spacial engine being activated", but they ignore it.

They track the trail of the flying machine, and find it. It is possessed by a spirit, and the inventor is inside because the spirit needs a driver. They get her out, and she understandably freaks out about the whole thing. Saying stuff like it isn't what she spent years building, but an abomination replacing it. They calm her down, and convince her to think of it more like a child. Then they hold a ritual to teach it about how spirits work, flying, not keeping people trapped inside it and how it can be whatever it wants to be.

Rosemary was mostly stable though paranoid when they met - after the session, he's probably worse. Eucalyptus used the "Twitter" power to let the man know what they had found out - without telling him about the power first, so he just heard a voice without explanation.

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