12.2 - Stranger Than Fiction

GM: Jonathan
Players: Ruby (Markus), Puddle (Tore), Bork (Brage), Nyan (Kim)

Description: Bork, Nyan, Puddle, and Ruby are searching the central island to find some bungie jumpers so that they can throw Puddle off the island to see what happens when they hear shouting coming from the library. Bork, Puddle, and Ruby rush inside, to find two of the librarians, Peony and Broom, fighting a small fire. Outside, as Nyan casually jogs towards the building, he notices a strange person jump out of the top floor of the library tower, clutching an antique dressmakers doll. Investigating these events, they meet the 'otherwise alive' book people Sanguinis and Spinifex, the ancient and mysterious archivist Papyrus, and eventually have a show-down with Marble, a book person whose sense of self is unstable, and who had been kept bound in book form in the library basement due to a history of uncontrolled and sometimes violent acts when allowed freedom, such as attacking the innocent Rata. Unable to determine a way to help Marble long term, the gang bind him back in book form to rest. They do learn that changes may be possible through editing Marble, but that this may have unintended consequences if not done correctly.

Player retellings:

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