14.1 - Lost in a Good Book

GM: Jonathan
Players: Ruby (Markus), Nyan (Kim), Puddle (Tore), Firestone (Kais), Eucalyptus (Sondre).

Description: Ruby, Nyan, Puddle, Firestone, and Eucalyptus ritually abstract themselves out of reality on the journey to rescue Peony, who had fallen inside a not-so-good book (Marble). Along the way they see a bizarre noir city, a creepy children's story, the beginnings of a dark space opera, and manage to destroy one side of Marble's personality. They also learn of two beings that lurk in the spaces between worlds; the monstrous Leviathan and the insidious Whisperer. Succeeding in their mission, they accidentally bring back The Dark Traveller, whose head they had all been inside during the space opera. Papyrus is concerned; the book The Dark Traveller is from was never in the libraries collection prior to their mission.

Player retellings:

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