19.1 - Frost Fairies vs Lake

GM: Felix
Players: Mica (Henrik), Firestone (Kais), Dusk (Martin), Shine (Brage)

Description: Frost Fairies are causing an intensely cold snow storm, in order to freeze the lake that for some reason keeps thawing unless they constantly refreeze it. The villagers are used to this, and prepare their houses and lilypads to not be sunk by the mass of snow, before hunkering down inside.

The players decide to go out and talk to the frost fairies. Firestone flies over to try to meet them, and is near frozen. Mica creates an alchemical potion to calms the storm and the frost faries. It works a bit better than intended, and the frost fairies hang emotionless in the air above the lake, answering factually to any questions posed to them but showing no desire to take any actions.

The effect on the frost fairies is maintained by them, so there is no way to break them out of it without their desire to do so - and since they have no emotions they also have no desire to end the effect. This is a problem, as it could delay perhaps indefinitely the end of winter, which is caused by frost fairies leaving the world.

Shine tries to get them to laugh with a henge ability, which works - but they laugh emotionlessly, the power does not cause happiness for them, just laughter. However, it also gives them Dreams, which manifest as softly glowing orbs orbiting around them. The players experiment a bit with those to figure out what they are. They also have deep knowledge of lore that frost fairies have no distinction between their minds and their bodies - when they go to sleep, they do not leave a sleeping body behind, all of them goes to whatever realm people go to when they dream. This would count remove the problem of frost fairies just hanging out emotionlessly. It is also a growing problem - new frost fairies arrive, note that this looks like a fun game, and apply the same magical non-emotion effect to themselves.

In order to get the frost fairies to touch a Dream, and thus begone from the world, they go to see Bloom, the local herbalist. Together, they create a liquid form of the Dreams, and use a spray bottle to spray the fairies, which vanish.

Players Retellings:

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