21.1 - Flowers and Sand

GM: Felix
Players: Ruby (Markus), Shine (Brage), Nyan (Kim)

Description: The caravan prepares to travel to a new village. One family, consisting of Auburn, Heather and Juniper, set out early because they were late once and don't want to repeat that. So instead they get lost because they don't know the way. The players track them down with the help of Melon and set them on the right path.

Their mettle in navigation having been proving, they are tasked with finding a path for the caravan. They go through some flower fields, where Ruby eats one, which causes flowers to grow from his head. They decide that this is a good path to send the caravan through.

Some time later, they cross a desert, and find a crossroad that is not on the map. They use a compass, but it points in two directions. They wait for the sunrise, and find that there are two suns. After choosing one path, and ending up elsewhere on the map, they notice that there are two areas on the map that are marked "finite desert" - they were in both spots at once.

They travel onwards to the next village, and right before stop by the Almond retreat. The owner, Almond, welcomes them, and lets them stay. Ruby forms an instant deep connection of Trust with Almond, and stays for a few more days. When he leaves with the caravan, he promises to visit before they leave the village.

Player retellings:

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