22.1 - Welcome to Mooncreek

GM: Henrik
Players: Radish (Kais), Ruby (Markus), Mica (Henrik), Sapphire (Gry)

Description: The Caravan arrives at Mooncreek. The village wants to hold a welcome feast, but there are arguments about where to hold such an event. The titular creek of Mooncreek has recently expanded into a large river, and people have various opinions on where the village should be. Most buildings are on what is referred to as the old side, while some mostly newly built buildings make up the new side. An ornamental bridge that used to go over the creek has expanded into a bridge, and connects the two sides.

As the villagers discuss where to hold the welcome feast, their opinions on what to do with the village shines through, and it devolves into petty arguments. The players try to defuse the situation by suggesting more outlandish suggestions to the problem, such as hosting the feast in the middle of the river on a sandbank, but find that there are people in the village that hold that exact opinion, and feel vindicated to talk at length about their opinion by this.

Sapphire suggests to decide the location through random chance, since that way everybody can agree to abide by the randomly made decision without feeling slighted. It ends up being on the old side.

They talk to various people at the party.

Player retellings:

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